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LuprINN® 30 Capsule

1.062,60 RSD

LUPRINN® contains the dry extract of hop cones which has a beneficial effect to menopausal symptoms. Active ingredient of the product has been obtained from the extract of hop cones, 8-prenylnaringenin is the most potent phytoestrogen showing the pronounced estrogen activity and it has structural similarities and its profile of action is similar to female sex hormones the lack of which in menopause is compensated by using the product LUPRINN®

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PROBalans Lady 14 Days of Treatment

1.182,00 RSD

PROBalans Lady
PROBalans Lady is indicated in all cases of temporary alteration of the balance of the urovaginal ecosystem.
Unique combination of lactobacillus acidophilus, lactic acid-soy isoflavone aglycones.

Prevents growth and spread of bacteria
Renews vaginal content
Improves the tone and elasticity of the mucous membrane
Help in menopause
A tablet of PROBalans Lady during the evening before going to bed, for 14 days of treatment. Start treatment one week before the monthly cycle, or immediately afterwards.